Become a TeleBirr Agent

If you want to earn additional new income, register to become a TeleBirr Agent in few simple steps.

TeleBirr Agent’s key tasks are:

Customer Registration

An agent will receive a15 Birr bonus for each successful customer registration when the customer makes the first transaction such as deposit cash or purchase airtime.

Cash Deposit

Agents are required to take cash deposits from customers and deposit equivalent amount of e-money into customers’ TeleBirr accounts.

Cash Withdrawal

Agents are required to process cash withdrawal requests for registered TeleBirr customers.

Cash Voucher Withdrawal

Agents are required to process cash withdrawal requests for non-registered TeleBirr customers.

Airtime TopUp(OTC)

Sell airtime and get 9% commission

Customer Education

Educate customers about the service after successful registration

More about TeleBirr

Details about TeleBirr

Download the detailed information document to learn more about mobile money, agent obligations, benefits, and customer management.


Agent Requirements

AML & KYC Policy

Agents are required to oblige their partners to strictly abide by TeleBirr’s policies including its Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules.


Compliance with ethiotelecom business practices

Cash Management

Agents are required to manage electronic money (e-money) and cash availability to be successful in the business.


Agents are required to brand their outlets as per the “TeleBirr Branding Guidelines”


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